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How to Rewrite My Essay Online Using WriterBuddy Essay Rewriter

Finding the right words for your essay can be difficult when rushing against time. And that’s when you need WriterBuddy’s Essay Rewriter.  

It uses advanced AI algorithms to rewrite your essay, making it unique and plagiarism-free. 

It’s not just about saving time but empowering you to express your ideas effectively and creatively without compromising originality.

Follow the three easy steps below to use our app to reword essays:

Step 1: Paste the paragraph you want to rewrite in the Essay Rewriter

Paste your essay to the Essar Rewriter

Step 2: Click on the Rewrite Essay button

Click Rewrite Essay

Step 3: View your results and edit the essay to make it unique and compelling while removing errors.

Read on to see different ways to make your essay unique using WriterBuddy’s AI-powered Essay Rewriter.

How can I make my essay unique when using an essay rewriter?

1. Customize your input

You can customize the input by adding specific information, opinions, or perspectives unique to your understanding of the topic. 

While using an Essay Rewriter reduces your work in constructing a winning essay, you still need to do your due diligence to produce a good essay. So you need to research before using the rewriter to convince your professor you wrote the essay. 

Do some quick research to gather the right sources for your essay, take notes and create a good outline for your essay. The outline will form a skeleton you will flesh out by adding paragraphs from the Essay Rewriter.

After your research, customize the output you get from the essay rewriter to fit into your outline and reflect your critical thinking capabilities.

Please note the sources you use could make or break your essay. So take some time to find the right sources. 

2. Mix and match 

There are two dimensions to how mix and match can make your essay unique. 

First, use multiple legit sources supporting your viewpoint or argument. Then, mix and match paragraphs from different authors throughout your essay while adding your views. 

Next, our Essay Rewriter will generate multiple variations. Take different sentences or phrases from the suggestions and mix them. This approach will make your essay more diverse and original.

3. Add your voice

After getting the AI-rephrased content, personalize it by adding your voice. Include anecdotes, examples, and adjectives that build and support your argument.

Returning to the sources you use, build your voice and express it firmly in the introduction and conclusion. Also, include your voice at the beginning and end of each paragraph. You can express other authors’ views in the middle of the paragraphs within the body section.

Of course, you don’t need to start your essay in the intro. You can start with whatever you have. Ensure you have a clear point of view and an outline to guide your writing process.

4. Expand with research

To add depth and originality, use the rephrased content as a foundation and expand on it with further research. 

So, as you edit the paraphrased content, look for ideas that seem incomplete or need more elaboration. Then go all in. Add data, quotes, and references to reinforce your points.

5. Be creative with vocabulary

Although the Essay Rewriter might already provide synonyms, don’t hesitate to add more diverse vocabulary or use industry-specific jargon where appropriate.

You can google “What’s another word for [xyz]” and use that instead. 

6. Review for coherence and flow

AI might sometimes produce grammatically correct content but lacks coherence or a natural flow. For example, AI might reword “drugs” into “medicine” while your essay is about illicit drugs. So you need to pay attention to the word choice when reviewing your essay.

Beyond that, ensure your paragraphs flow logically, and ideas transition smoothly.

7. Check for plagiarism

It’s better to be safe than sorry. WriterBuddy’s AI is sophisticated and does a great job. Still, run your essay through a plagiarism checker like Turnitin to ensure originality.

If you find any plagiarized sentences, run them through our Content Rephrase tool, and edit to ensure everything makes sense.

Before submission, review your essay to ensure it addresses the topic comprehensively and reflects your unique perspective and voice.

Use the WriterBuddy Essay Rewriter to create unique essays in record time!

  • 100% free to use
  • Plagiarism-free 
  • Easy to use
  • Fast and efficient
  • Reliable and secure

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an essay rewriter?

An essay rewriter is an app or website that uses excellent algorithms and artificial intelligence to reword and restructure your text, creating a new unique essay. Use it to avoid plagiarism and improve your writing quality.

What is the website that rewrites essays for free?

WriterBuddy’s Essay Rewriter is one of the popular websites that rewrite essays for free. You need to input your text and let our AI do the work. 

Is WriterBuddy better than Quillbot?

While both WriterBuddy and Quillbot offer essay rewriting tools, WriterBuddy stands out due to its intuitive user interface, high-quality rewrites, and the fact that it’s 100% free. 

Who can use the WriterBuddy Essay Rewrite tool?

  • Students
  • Bloggers
  • Content Writers
  • Business Professionals
  • Academic Researchers
  • ESL Learners

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