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How to use our free AI paragraph generator to create any content

No time to complete your content? Our free AI paragraph generator is exactly what you need. Simply enter your desired topic, and our AI-driven algorithm will generate a unique paragraph tailored to the specific details you give it. From professional business documents to fun blog posts, you can generate any content in a few clicks. 

Here’s how to use our AI Paragraph generator to save time:

Step 1: Paste your topic and any helpful details in the text area

Add more details about the topic to get better results. For example, you could describe your target audience, desired tone, and writing style.

AI paragraph generator text area

Step 2: Click “Generate Paragraph” below the text area

Step 3: Choose the most appropriate sentences from the three generated paragraphs

AI generated paragraphs powered by WriterBuddy

What should I do once I have generated paragraphs?

You see, not every AI-generated word or sentence is important. Instead, use the generated sentences as inspiration to express your message and create coherent paragraphs.

Once you generate paragraphs, look through each result to find sentences that express your message and desired tone better, rather than limiting yourself to one paragraph. Then mix and match sentences from the three generated paragraphs.

Next, edit your chosen sentences to remove:

  • Typos and grammar errors – you could use Grammarly for this.
  • Any sentences that don’t add or remove anything meaningful to the paragraph. For example, in the second generated result above, you could remove the first sentence because the rest of the sentences illustrate the first sentence. So remove “If you are a classy person who cherishes their current home and the community they live in, a room addition offers the perfect solution!

While editing, also:

  • Replace long phrases with shorter phrases. For example, rewrite “such as” with “like.” 
  • Replace academic-looking phrases with everyday language when creating content for informal settings like blog posts. For example, rewrite “provide an opportunity to” with “allow you to.
  • Shorten sentences that could be shortened. For example, the sentence “Room additions don’t just add extra square footage but rather enhance your lifestyle by increasing the functionality of your existing space.” could read better as “Room additions add extra square footage and your desired functionalities.” 
  • Rewrite passive voice to active voice to make your message clearer. For example, rewrite “this paragraph generator can be used” to “you can use this paragraph generator.”

Benefits of our AI paragraph generator

WriterBuddy’s AI paragraph generator is free of charge, making it accessible to everyone. It also generates plagiarism-free content at lightning speed, giving you three different outputs from just one click. Additionally, its cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology tailors the outputs to your requirements like tone or style. And as AI technology grows smarter over time with repeated use, you can always expect better content. 

Different use cases of our free paragraph generator

Our AI paragraph generator opens up a world of possibilities for all who need quick yet comprehensive text generation capabilities.

Generating essays

Students can use this paragraph generator to quickly create essays, from the introduction and body to the conclusion. 

Generating formal reports

Professionals like teachers and researchers can use our paragraph generator to create well-researched and accurate reports in minimal time. You only need to give it the right details to work with. 

Additionally, businesses can use our tool to quickly craft proposals, contracts, and other legal documents.

Note that using an AI paragraph generator does not substitute conducting due diligence like proper research, proofreading, and editing.

Generating marketing content

Content marketers can use this paragraph generator to write marketing copy, product/service descriptions, blog posts, and more. 

Evidently, this paragraph generator is the best tool for generating a huge range of professional output in a short time.


What is a paragraph generator?

A paragraph generator is an online tool that takes relevant inputs like topics, keywords, sentences, and phrases to produce a fully formed paragraph. The generated text can then be edited according to each project’s particular writing style and requirements. By using this tool, writers reduce the time spent generating ideas and content to focus more on refining their work.

How does a paragraph generator work?

A paragraph generator uses Artificial Intelligence technology to generate sentences based on the topic you give it and any other details. It can also generate long paragraphs from a bullet list of keywords. Paragraph generators have become increasingly popular for those who need long chunks of written content quickly.

Use WriterBuddy’s paragraph generator to create content quickly

Using WriterBuddy’s paragraph generator saves you time while allowing you to produce quality content for your projects. Try out this amazing tool and start creating compelling content right away!

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