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How to use our AI paragraph rewriter tool?

Use our free AI (Artificial Intelligence) paragraph rewriter tool to quickly rewrite existing content when you’re short of time and mental energy. It uses powerful natural language processing technology to identify and rewrite phrases, sentences, and entire paragraphs automatically. 

All you have to do is paste your existing content and let the tool work its magic. After a few moments, the paraphrasing tool will generate an improved version of your original paragraph that makes sense and eliminates plagiarism.

Ready to use the best free AI rewriter? 

Follow the easy steps below to rewrite your paragraph online

Step 1: Paste your paragraph in the text area

Paragraph rewriter text area

Step 2: Click “Generate” below the text area

Step 3: Choose the most appropriate result from the three outputs

Click on the copy icon (looks like overlapping squares) next to your desired reworded paragraph, then paste the content into your desired text processing app.

AI rewritten paragraphs

Feel free to mix and match sentences from the three outputs to get your desired paragraph. For example, pick the first line in one result, the second sentence in another output, and so on.

You can also copy one of the outputs and feed it into the paragraph rewriter to get three more reworded paragraphs.

Step 4: Edit your paragraph 

Finally, proofread and edit your paragraph to ensure it passes the intended message and has no typos or weird sentences. Feel free to use Grammarly to highlight typos quickly.

Let’s see how to edit your content to make the paragraphs sound better.

The fundamentals of writing content with a paragraph rewriter (editing reworded content)

1. Write using your audience’s language

Our AI paragraph rewriter may replace various words with standard synonyms, so you must ensure each word reflects what your audience normally uses.

Put yourself in your audience’s shoes (whether an entrepreneur or a new mom looking for baby gear on the internet) and use the words they typically use.

While at it, replace complex phrases with everyday language. For example, change “the overall appearance of your property” to “how your wall looks like.”

If you struggle to find the right words, you have a few options:

  • Look into industry-specific sites like trade associations when writing formal content.
  • Look into forums like Reddit, Facebook groups, or Quora when writing blog post content for everyday users.
  • Look at customer reviews when writing about a product.
  • Consider any other resources where you’d get user-generated content.

2. Add your own thoughts and opinions

While a paraphrasing tool takes off most of the writing burden, it can’t replace your voice and touch. If you want to impact your audience, you’ll need to research your topic to build your expertise.

So, find three or more credible sources (e.g., content from subject matter experts or case studies). With the background information in mind, edit your paragraph to reflect your views. 

You could add evidence to support claims, quotes, examples, and links. When including your own opinion, it should be backed up with reason and reliable sources instead of just relying on personal experience.

3. Keep your sentences short and succinct

Shorter sentences and fewer words are easier to follow and understand.

As you read your paragraph mentally, note instances where you pause to proceed or have to reread a phrase to understand it. Such situations mean that your sentence uses too many words. 

You could:

  • Remove words that don’t add any meaning. For example, you could remove a sentence like “It is important to keep your paragraph succinct and to the point.” Instead, focus on meaningful details like, why is keeping your paragraph succinct important?” So, write about how a succinct paragraph is easier to comprehend. Got it?
  • Express your message in fewer words. Instead of using “do away with” or “get rid of,” use “remove.” And rewrite “ensure that your home improvement project is completed to perfection” to “complete your home improvement project perfectly.”
  • Break up any long sentence into two or three sentences. Aim for one idea per sentence. So if you have “and” or commas (,) in one sentence, consider making it two sentences. Or do away with whatever phrase the sentence can do without.
  • Use contractions like “can’t” instead of “cannot” to shorten your words further. 
  • Rewrite passive voice to active voice. For example, replace “a hammer can be used for” with “you can use a hammer too.

Why use WriterBuddy’s paragraph rewriter (free tool)?

WriterBuddy’s free paragraph rewriter tool is a great asset for anyone looking to communicate clearly. This tool gives you an extensive list of alternative words and sentence structures to express your message. This free online service is especially useful for non-native English writers with limited vocabulary. No need to google every word you want to use. 

Plus, with three possible outputs from WriterBuddy, you can choose the sentences that best convey your message accurately.

Use cases for our paragraph rewriter & paraphrasing tool

Rewrite from lists to paragraphs

Use our paragraph rewriter to convert a list into a paragraph. Simply paste the topic and list, then let the tool produce three possible paragraphs.

Rewrite social media posts.

Our powerful tool helps you quickly rewrite well-performing social media posts so they sound fresh.

Rewrite product or service descriptions

Our easy-to-use paragraph rewriter is the perfect solution for easily rewriting product descriptions from Amazon or any online shop. No need to find the right words to express the product or service features, just spin it!

Rewrite paragraphs from existing content

This is the most common use case for our paragraph rewriter tool. Take a paragraph from Wikipedia or any other source and spin it into fresh content with a few clicks. 

AI paragraph rewriter tool FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a paragraph rewriter?

A paragraph rewriter is an online tool that takes a paragraph and automatically rewrites it in a different way, often using synonyms and reorganizing the sentences to keep the meaning intact. This tool can rewrite content for assignments, articles, blog posts, reviews, or other written material.

Who is a paragraph rewriter tool for?

AI paragraph rewriter tools are essential writing tools for bloggers, freelance writers, content marketers, and students. These tools save time while improving the writing quality by providing alternative synonyms and sentence structures. Most importantly, a paraphrasing tool removes plagiarism. 

How does this AI paragraph rewriter work?

Our AI paragraph rewriter takes your input text, analyzes it to detect its structure and intent, then immediately rewrites the text in its own unique words without sacrificing the original meaning or voice. 

Is using a paragraph rewriter tool to create blog content for SEO purposes safe?

Using a paragraph rewriter tool to generate blog content for SEO is safe. However, add unique content to the rewritten text so that Google will rank the content higher than what is already online. Without adding something unique, paraphrased content will not increase the website’s ranking in search engines.

What is the free AI app to reword paragraphs or other text?

Besides our Paragraph Rewriter, we have more online AI rewrite tools, including:

How do I know my paragraph will be plagiarism-free content?

The most accurate way to confirm that your content is 100% unique is to run it through a plagiarism detector like Turnitin

Use the best free AI paragraph rewrite to save hours!

With AI-driven algorithms, WriterBuddy can quickly and accurately rewrite entire paragraphs in a single click. It helps produce unique, engaging, and SEO-friendly text while preserving the message.

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