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How to use the WriterBuddy paraphrase tool free

The challenge with most free paraphrase tools is that they produce sentences with no fluency. They use synonyms that sometimes don’t match your sentence. 

But with our paraphrase tool’s advanced AI, you get accurate and coherent sentences that retain the content’s original meaning. 

Sample paraphrased sentences - via WriterBuddy's paraphrase tool free
Sample paraphrased sentences – via WriterBuddy

You can also use the paraphrase tool free of charge to translate sentences.

Here’s how to make the most of the WriterBuddy paraphrase tool.

1. Input your text in the free paraphrase tool

Under the text area labeled “Content you want to paraphrase,” write or paste the content you want to paraphrase. Ensure the sentence is correct, from removing misspelled words to proper punctuation.

Content you want to paraphrase textbox - paraphrase tool.png

The textbox is resizable, so you can add tons of content and keep track of your progress.

2. Choose your language

Language bar - paraphrase tool free

The “Language” bar underneath allows you to select the language you want to paraphrase into. The tool can paraphrase in over 20 languages. 

3. Determine how many results you want

Output and Generate content buttons - paraphrase tool free

Underneath is the “Output” field. This paraphrase tool lets you choose how many results you want to produce. It ranges from 1 to 10, giving you enough paraphrased sentences to play with. 

4. Generate your paraphrased sentences

Finally, click “Generate Content” to get your paraphrased sentence. 

In a few seconds, the paraphrasing tool will display results in the “Output” tab on the right side of the page. 

paraphrased results - Output tab on WriterBuddy free paraphrase tool

Review the results to select the result with the best sentence structure and fewest words (you always want to keep your writing short and precise).

Two icons will appear on the top right of each result – “copy” and “star.”

The copy icon lets you copy the selected text onto your clipboard and paste it wherever you intend to. 

The star icon lets you save the paraphrased text on the “Favorites” tab as you weigh other options. You can compare all saved text and select the one you prefer. 

Paraphrasing tips: Maintain your content’s integrity

Knowing how to develop your paraphrasing abilities is an important skill. These tips help reword sentences without losing grammatical, structural, or contextual meanings. 

  • Understand the original text’s meaning. It will help you choose the best result that maintains the text’s meaning. 
  • Replace as many words as you can with accurate synonyms. WriterBuddy will handle this for you. If you’re unsure about a word’s meaning, verify it before using it. 
  • Adjust the sentence structure and punctuation to make your words sound natural. You can join short sentences with transition words and remove unnecessary words. 
  • Proofread your paraphrased text to ensure everything looks good. Use your editor’s autocorrect function or tools like Grammarly and ProWriting Aid.

Reduce your writing time with the WriterBuddy paraphrasing tool

Here’s why WriterBuddy supersedes other paraphrasing tools:

Easy to use

WriterBuddy has a simple, straightforward layout with colorful buttons and intuitive navigation. The paraphrase tool is here with user experience in mind. 

Free to use

You receive free 2,000 credits every month to use any WriterBuddy content generation tool. That means you can produce up to 2,000 words on the paraphrase tool free of charge. 

You can buy more credits if you need to paraphrase more words. 

Paraphrase in less than 5 seconds

The WriterBuddy paraphrasing tool is swift! It takes up to five seconds to paraphrase any text. And you can easily copy and paste the results.

Retain your content’s meaning

WriterBuddy’s free paraphrasing tool is keen to preserve your intended meaning. Clicking “Generate Content” rewords your text every time until you find the sentences that deliver the meaning you had in mind. 

Forget about plagiarism concerns

WriterBuddy’s free paraphrasing tool restructures text to provide unique sentences that pass any plagiarism check.

Plenty of paraphrased results to choose from

The free paraphrasing tool can generate up to ten variations of the paraphrased sentences every time you click “Generate Content.”. It also keeps track of your content generation history if you need to retrace your steps. 

Translate and paraphrase text in 20+ languages

The WriterBuddy paraphrase tool takes care of your paraphrasing and translation needs. Supporting over 20 global languages, you can use it to paraphrase most texts. 

Use the paraphrase tool free on all popular platforms

The WriterBuddy paraphrase tool can go with you wherever. The free AI tool is operational on Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS. There are no limitations to where and when works for you. 

The online paraphrasing tool has many uses

  • Restructure many words at once. 
  • Remove plagiarism. 
  • Learn new words and different ways of expressing a point. 
  • Make your text more fluent and concise.


What is paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing is expressing spoken or written text using different words while preserving the original words’ meaning. A paraphrasing tool comes in handy when you want to save writing time or can’t find the right words to express a borrowed point. 

For example,

Original text: One of the most significant boosts to your self-esteem is from white teeth. Teeth whitening allows you to engage in social interactions and not shy away from showing off your pearly whites.

Paraphrased text: Having brilliant white teeth can lead to increased self-confidence. Teeth whitening lets you interact with people and be proud to show off your gleaming smile.

How does the free paraphrase tool work?

Our free paraphrasing tool scans your content for words and phrases with similar meanings. The AI-powered tool then replaces these words and phrases with synonyms or related terms, effectively “paraphrasing” the text so that it is different from the original. 

For every output word on WriterBuddy, you’ll consume a credit. You get 2000 free credits to work with every month.

Who uses a free paraphrasing tool?

Students, copywriters, bloggers, and researchers use paraphrasing tools. Free paraphrasing tools are an essential part of many writers’ daily work. Thanks to this revolutionary AI tool, content creation takes much less time and effort. 

Use WriterBuddy’s free paraphrase tool to write in seconds brings you an excellent paraphrasing tool that supports 20+ languages. It provides fast, human-level paraphrasing that saves you time while improving the quality of your text. It’ll also expand your vocabulary. 

The paraphrase tool is so easy to use that you don’t need a tutorial to paraphrase.

Try the WriterBuddy paraphrase tool free today

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