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How to rephrase sentences with our sentence rephraser tool

Experiencing writer’s block? Our AI sentence rephraser is a great way to quickly and accurately rephrase sentences. It’s easy to use and produces syntactically correct results tailored to your desired language and tone. Whether you want to reduce redundancy in your writing, use an alternative phrase, or update an existing text, our sentence rephraser tool can help you do it quickly and easily.

Step 1: Paste your sentence in the text area

sentence rephraser text area

Step 2: Click “Rephrase” below the text area

Step 3: Select the sentence that fits your needs from the three generated sentences

rephrased sentences via WriterBuddy's sentence rephrase tool

You can click Rephrase once more if you want more options.

Let’s see what to keep in mind when choosing your rephrased sentences.

The basics of rephrasing sentences 

Opt for new words, but not always

A sentence rephraser will swap words with standard synonyms, so you must ensure words like industry jargon are not replaced. You also need to ensure the words used fit the context. For example, if the AI rephrases the word “drugs” to “medicine,” you may need to revert to drugs if your sentence is about recreational drugs.  

Try different sentence structures

Besides replacing words with synonyms, you can restructure the sentence to remove plagiarism. For example, see if you can move the last part of the sentence to the front and use a different conjunction

Link to your sources 

Even when paraphrasing, always acknowledge your sources to maintain your content’s integrity. Cite your sources in a way that matches the intended audience. 

Ensure you don’t lose your main points

Go through your paraphrased text to ascertain it captures the essence of the original text. Check that the original argument or idea is accurately represented. If it helps, read the new sentence to someone and let them tell you what they understood.

Use simple and precise phrases

Scrutinize your paraphrased sentence for any hard-to-understand statements. Look out for anything you must reread to understand and find a simpler way to express the message. With the help of our AI tool, these can easily be reworked into something more comprehensible.

Why use WriterBuddy’s sentence rephrase generator?

Unmatched user experience

WriterBuddy’s sentence rephrase generator is remarkably easy to use. You get three different paraphrased sentences in one click. 

Lightning-fast results

In today’s fast-paced world, who has time to wait? With our tool, you get results in seconds, so you can spend time doing more important tasks like editing, adding sources, and perfecting your writing.

Advanced natural language processing capability

Under the hood, WriterBuddy uses sophisticated natural language processing algorithms. These advanced technologies ensure the generation of plagiarism-free content, maintaining the highest standards of originality in your work.

Preserve original meaning

One of the biggest challenges when rephrasing sentences is maintaining the original meaning. Our sentence rephrase generator excels in restructuring sentences without losing the essence of the initial content. Try it today!

Supports many languages

Whether working in English or venturing into other languages, WriterBuddy has got you covered. Our tool supports multiple languages, broadening your possibilities and making it an excellent choice for diverse, global content needs.

Where is our sentence paraphrasing tool used?

  • Our paraphrasing tool assists students and teachers in the educational sector in creating unique academic content and formulating varied assessment questions.
  • In journalism, it aids in rephrasing news reports for different audiences and gives a fresh perspective to the information presented.
  • It helps researchers maintain the original meaning while rewording existing studies, especially literature reviews.
  • In content marketing, the tool is used to craft unique landing pages, blog posts, press releases, and distinct social media content, maximizing content reach.


What is the meaning of rephrasing? 

Rephrasing, or paraphrasing, is taking a piece of text and altering the words and sentence structure without changing the core meaning. The goal is to express the same ideas using different words for clarity or to avoid plagiarism.

How do I use a sentence rephraser to avoid plagiarism? 

To use a sentence rephraser to avoid plagiarism, start by copying the text you want to paraphrase into WriterBuddy’s rephrase tool. Once the tool provides a rephrased version, review it to ensure it maintains the original meaning. Remember, the goal isn’t just to change words and alter the sentence structure. Also, even when using a rephraser tool.

How do I rephrase negative sentences? 

Rephrasing negative sentences typically involves turning a negative statement into a positive one. For instance, “I don’t like going to parties” could be rephrased as “I prefer staying at home to going to parties.” Using a rephrasing tool, you input the negative sentence and review the suggested alternatives to find a suitable positive expression.

What is the website that helps rephrase a sentence? 

WriterBuddy’s sentence rephrase tool is a robust application that uses advanced natural language processing algorithms to provide plagiarism-free, restructured sentences without losing the original meaning. It’s user-friendly, efficient, and supports multiple languages, making it a top choice for various professional fields.

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