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How to use a sentence rewriter tool to write captivating content

Creating unique and engaging content consistently can be challenging. But you don’t have to create original content from scratch every time. 

An AI-powered sentence rewriter tool can help you quickly rewrite or restructure many sentences. You can make your sentence more professional.

WriterBuddy’s sentence rewriter is an easy-to-use AI tool that generates plagiarism-free content that retains its original meaning. 

Step 1: Feed in the content you want to rewrite

In the “content you want to rewrite” part, type (or paste) sentences you want the AI to rewrite. 

Write the content you want to rewrite-  Sentence Rewriter tool

Step 2: Select your preferred language

The AI sentence rewriter has 20+ language selections from English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, and many more. It will generate results in the language you select.

Select your preferred language on the Sentence Rewriter

Step 3: Select the output

The output part determines the number of results you want the AI will generate. The default number output number is three, but you can select up to 10. 

Finally, click “Generate Content” and let the AI generate results. 

Choosing Output via WriterBuddy  Sentence Rewriter

Go through the results, and after deciding what you like, you can click on the double square icon next to the star icon to copy it. 

If you’re not ready to use some good results, you can save them by clicking on the star icon. It marks them as favorites. 

You can always access your good results under the “Favorites” tab. Click the star again to remove a result from the favorite tab. The star should become transparent.

Using WriterBuddy sentence rewriter to create engaging sentences

When rewriting a sentence using AI, ensure to maintain the practices below for the best results.


When typing in sentences in the sentence rewriter tool, ensure there are no grammatical errors. 

Look at how our sentence rewriter generates sentences with grammatical mistakes. The rewriter only corrects the grammatical errors but doesn’t change the sentence format. 

The ungrammatical sentence is, “Wehn uing a capet to hav the right cleaning equipment.”

One of the results is, “When using a carpet, ensure to have the right cleaning equipment.”

why use grammatically correct sentences

But when you type in a grammatical sentence with correct spelling, the AI generates different results. One of the results is, “When tackling a carpet cleaning job, make sure you have the right tools for the task.

proofread sentences in sentence rewriter tool

Speak to your target audience

Your sentences speak directly to your address interests, challenges, and needs and how your product/service fits in. 

Here’s a detailed guide on writing for your target audience.

Sentence rewriting tips

  • Use concise sentences: Short and succinct sentences are easy to read and comprehend. So remove any unnecessary words.
  • Use an active voice: Active voice is direct and shows who did an action in a sentence. Unlike the passive voice, the active voice makes the sentences strong, easy to follow, and clear.  Determine who performs the action and rewrite the sentence. For example, “Joyce drank the juice” becomes “Joyce drank the juice.”
  • Use pronouns to substitute nouns: Pronouns (like he, it, and they) make the meaning of your sentences clearer and are a quick substitute for nouns when the reader already knows what you’re writing about. 

Why use the WriterBuddy sentence rewriter tool? 

100% plagiarism-free content

WriterBuddy Sentence Rewriter helps you create quality, original content. It uses AI technology to instantly identify and rewrite any text, so you can quickly generate new versions of the same sentence with just one click. 


The AI Sentence Rewriter has an intuitive user interface that makes it simple for anyone to navigate and rephrase their sentences accurately. 

All you have to do is type in the sentence you need to rewrite and choose your preferred language. With that, the AI generates and rewrites your sentence. 

20+ language selection

Whether you’re a native English speaker or an expert in another language, Writerbuddy can help you reword your writing quickly and efficiently. With this feature, you can rest assured that the tool will accurately rewrite your documents. 

The importance of rewriting sentences

Rewriting sentences can improve the clarity and flow of your ideas. For example, you may identify unnecessary words or phrases that you can remove for a more concise and accurate message. 

WriterBuddy sentence rewriter tool is an excellent tool for this purpose, providing a list of suggested replacements for each word and phrase. It makes refining your thoughts easy without starting from scratch every time you need to write something. 

How do you rewrite a sentence online without changing its meaning?

Use substantial synonyms

You can scan your document and replace overused and weak words with better words. For example, replace “very clever” with “brilliant.”

Replace vague vocabulary

Replace vague words with specific words. For instance, you can replace words like good and pretty with details that explain what makes the object/subject good or pretty. 

You can also replace jargon with terms that the reader is familiar with.

Let an AI sentence rewriter tool do the work for you

WriterBuddy sentence rewriter is the perfect AI tool for anyone looking to quickly and easily rephrase, rewrite, and improve their writing. It can help you find new ways to express ideas, eliminate redundancy and jargon, and refine your tone of voice. 

With WriterBuddy’s sentence rewriter tool, you can produce clear, concise prose that will make your writing stand out for all the right reasons.


What is an AI sentence rewriter tool?

An AI sentence rewriter tool like WriterBuddy is an artificial intelligence-based software that can generate new sentences based on existing ones. It uses natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to identify and break down the components of a sentence, then recombines them in different ways while using synonyms to create unique text based on the original input. It does this without changing the content’s meaning.

Who uses the sentence rewriter tool?

Sentence rewriter is a powerful tool for writers, bloggers, students, researchers, editors, content marketers, and other professionals who need to produce fresh content quickly. They use it to create unique content by spinning existing content with complex phrases. 

Is using a rewriting tool cheating?

Using a rewriting tool like WriterBuddy is not cheating. It is an effective way to quickly and easily rephrase sentences or whole paragraphs so that your writing reads better. In any case, most of the information going around the world is merely rewritten content.

Is using a paraphrasing tool plagiarism?

When you use a paraphrasing tool, your content will pass even the strictest plagiarism checkers. Paraphrasing tools are designed to help you reword sentences and restate text quickly without going through a whole rewriting process. 

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However, using a paraphrasing tool should never be used as a substitute for proper research, critical thinking, or an independent understanding of the subject matter. 

Can you use a sentence rewriter to reduce word count?

You can use a sentence rewriter to reduce the word count. When you use WriterBuddy, you’ll notice that some outputs have more words and others have fewer words. 

Can someone tell that you’ve used a sentence rewriter?

Most people won’t be able to tell if you’ve used a sentence rewriter tool unless they’ve seen the original sentences. Our sentence rewriter tool ensures that the rewritten words still sound natural. 

If you’re still concerned that someone will know, you can add a few sentences of original content to distinguish your work. 

Is the article spinning good for SEO?

After the 2022 Helpful Content Update, Google started de-indexing spun content because it prioritizes unique content. 

Fortunately, there’s a way around it. 

If you’re spinning an entire page, you should add some original content (about 500 words) to the rewritten content to make it seem unique to search engines.

Write better, faster, and smarter with WriterBuddy sentence rewriter

Our sentence rewriter tool makes rewriting easier than ever before. Its intuitive AI-powered software simplifies and automates rewriting to get your rewritten content quickly without breaking grammar rules or changing the original meaning.

Its easy-to-use interface allows you to customize your output and make adjustments instantly, making it the best choice for anyone looking for an automated sentence rewriter.

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