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How to Cite an Interview in APA Style

Interviews provide valuable firsthand information for research. Citing interviews in APA style requires specific elements: interviewee’s name, interview type, and date. These details apply to both in-text citations and reference list entries.

Types of Interviews and Their Citations

Published Interviews vs. Personal Interviews

Published interviews are accessible to the public and can be retrieved by readers. These include broadcasts, magazine and newspaper interviews, and content published online. Personal interviews are those conducted by a researcher that are not accessible publicly, thus cited differently. 

Differences in Citation Requirements

The citation for published interviews generally includes the author, date, title, and source. For personal interviews, the citation needs to include the name of the person interviewed, the type of communication, and the date of the interview, along with a descriptor that it is personal communication. 

Preparing to Cite an Interview in APA Style

Essential Information to Gather

To cite any interview accurately, one must gather comprehensive details including the interviewee’s full name, the date of the interview, and where it took place, along with the medium of the interview (audio, video, transcript). 

Tips on Organizing Information Before You Start Writing

Organizing these details logically and accessibly ensures that the citation process is smooth and the references are clear and concise. Using tools like citation generators or reference management software can streamline this process. 

How to Cite a Published Interview

Each format, whether a podcast, television interview, or magazine article, has specific nuances in APA citation. For example, a citation for an APA Podcast Citation should include the episode’s title, podcast name, hosts, and publication date. 

Examples of Correctly Formatted Citations

For a magazine interview, the citation might look like this:

Smith, J. (2022, August 15). The future of renewable energy. Energy Today, 58-60.

How to Cite an Unpublished or Personal Interview

Privacy and Ethical Considerations

When citing an unpublished interview, respect the privacy and confidentiality of the information shared, especially if sensitive or personal. 

Crafting the Citation

The APA citation for a personal interview might read:

(J. Doe, personal communication, September 19, 2023).


Can I cite an interview from a podcast using APA style, and what are the key elements to include?

Yes, you can cite an interview from a podcast in APA style. Key elements to include are the interviewer’s name, the publication date, the title of the episode, the podcast’s name, and a URL if the podcast is accessed online. This ensures that the citation is complete and the source easily accessible.

How should I handle the citation of a personal interview that contains sensitive information?

For personal interviews with sensitive content, it is crucial to maintain confidentiality and privacy. Cite the interview as a personal communication, include the date, and ensure you have permission to use the interview in your research. Avoid including personal details or sensitive information in your citation or text.

What are the most common mistakes when citing interviews in APA style, and how can I avoid them?

Common mistakes include omitting important details like the date or medium of the interview and misformatting the citation. To avoid these, double-check each citation against APA guidelines and use citation tools for accuracy. Also, keep a detailed record of all sources consulted during your research.

Is it necessary to include URLs for all online interview citations, and what if the URL is no longer active?

Including URLs for online sources is necessary to direct readers to the original content. If a URL is no longer active, you should still include it in your citation but note that the link was active at the time of your research. Additionally, providing the date when you accessed the information is helpful.


Accurate citation of interviews in APA format is crucial for academic credibility. The process involves including interviewee information, interview type, and date. Following these guidelines helps properly attribute information from personal communications and provides readers with the necessary context. Remember that unpublished interviews are typically cited in-text only and not included in the reference list.

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