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How to Cite a Newspaper in APA Style

Introduction: Newspapers are important sources for current events and historical research. Citing newspapers in APA style requires specific elements: author’s name, article title, newspaper name, publication date, and page numbers or URL for online articles. These details apply to both in-text citations and reference list entries.

The Anatomy of a Newspaper Citation

Each piece of information in a citation plays a critical role:

  • Author’s Name: Indicates the individual responsible for the intellectual content of the article.
  • Publication Date: Helps locate the article within a specific time context.
  • Title of the Article: Guides the reader to the specific content being cited.
  • Name of the Newspaper: Identifies the source in which the article was published, lending context and credibility.

How to Format an In-Text Citation for a Newspaper

The Basics of In-Text Citation: Author’s Last Permission and Year

In APA style, the in-text citation typically includes the author’s last name and the year of publication, enclosed in parentheses. For example: (Smith, 2023). This method quickly directs the reader to the more detailed citation in the reference list.

Variations Based on Direct Quotes and Paraphrasing

When directly quoting a newspaper, include the page number in the citation: (Smith, 2023, p. A4). If you’re paraphrasing, you generally omit the page number, focusing only on the author’s last name and the year. 

Examples to Guide Your Formatting

Providing examples here clarifies how to apply these rules: 

  • Direct quote: As Smith (2023) points out, “the event marked a turning point” (p. A4).
  • Paraphrasing: The event was a significant milestone (Smith, 2023).

Creating the Reference List Entry for a Newspaper Article 

Handling Missing Information: No Author, No Date, etc.

Sometimes, details like the author’s name or the date may be missing. This guide will show how to handle such situations using placeholders like “n.d.” (no date) or “Anonymous” if the author is unknown. 

Examples of Properly Formatted Newspaper References

To demonstrate, here are a few examples: 

With author:

James, S. (2023, May 25). City council approves new park. The Daily News, pp. 1-2.

No author:

City council approves new park. (2023, May 25). The Daily News, pp. 1-2.

Citing Online Newspapers: Special Considerations

How Digital Access Changes Citation Details

Online articles often include additional details such as URLs or DOIs (Digital Object Identifiers). This section will explain how to incorporate these elements into your citations to accommodate the digital format. 

Dealing with URLs and DOI in Online Newspapers

Guidance on when and how to include URLs and DOIs ensures that your citations meet current APA standards while being accessible to your readers. 

Examples of Online Newspaper Citations in APA Style

For instance: 

Smith, J. (2023, May 25). Major policy changes announced. The Global Times. Retrieved from

Tips to Ensure Accuracy and Consistency

Adopting best practices such as double-checking each citation against the latest APA guidelines, using WriterBuddy citation tool, and keeping track of updates in citation practices can significantly enhance the accuracy of your work. 


Why is it important to include both the author’s name and the publication date in an APA citation?

Including the author’s name and publication date not only helps attribute the original work correctly but also assists readers in locating the source material quickly, enhancing the reliability and traceability of your research.

What should I do if the newspaper article I’m citing doesn’t have an author?

In cases where no author is listed, start the citation with the title of the article, followed by the date and other citation details. This ensures the source is still properly credited and identifiable.

How do I handle citations for online newspaper articles that do not have a DOI?

For online articles without a DOI, include the direct URL of the article. Make sure the URL is functional and leads the reader directly to the article, not just the newspaper’s homepage.

Can I use a citation generator to help format my APA citations for newspaper articles?

Yes, citation generators like WriterBuddy can be extremely helpful in formatting APA citations correctly. However, always double-check the generator’s output against the latest APA guidelines to ensure accuracy.


Accurate citation of newspapers in APA format is essential for academic credibility. The process involves including author information, article details, publication information, and location specifics. Following these guidelines helps properly attribute news sources and provides readers with necessary information to locate the original article.









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