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How to Cite a Podcast in MLA Style

Citing podcasts in MLA style requires specific elements: hostname, episode title, podcast name, publisher, release date, and URL. These details apply to both in-text citations and Works Cited entries. Proper citation ensures credit to creators and allows readers to locate the source.

Elements of a Podcast Citation in MLA

Essential Information Required

Citing a podcast in MLA style requires specific information to create a comprehensive reference.

Host’s Name and Contributors

The host’s name is crucial, as they are typically the primary creator. If the podcast includes multiple contributors, list their roles accordingly to give credit where it’s due.

Title of the Episode and Series

The title of the podcast episode should be in quotation marks, while the series title is italicized. This distinction helps clarify what is a part of the larger series and what is an individual episode.

Publishing Date and Platform

Including the publishing date and platform ensures the citation is as precise as possible. The date provides context, and the platform indicates where the podcast can be found.

URL or DOI for Online Access

For digital content, the URL or DOI is essential. It allows readers to directly access the podcast, verifying the source and further exploring the material.

Formatting Podcast Titles and Names

Italicizing Series Titles

Series titles in MLA style should be italicized. This helps distinguish the overarching series from individual episodes. For example: Serial is a famous true-crime podcast series that should be italicized.

Examples of Proper Formatting

Proper formatting might look like this: Serial. Conversely, the episode titles are formatted differently.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

A frequent mistake is not differentiating between episode and series titles or failing to italicize the series title. Consistency in these details maintains the professionalism of your citations.

Using Quotation Marks for Episode Titles

Correct Use of Quotation Marks

Episode titles should always be enclosed in quotation marks. This not only adheres to MLA style but also clearly separates the episode from the series.

Tips for Consistency

Consistency is key in MLA citations. Always use quotation marks for episode titles and italics for series titles. This uniformity aids readability and maintains the integrity of your citations.

Citing Different Types of Podcast Content

Citing Single Episodes

Format and Examples

When citing a single episode, the format is straightforward. For instance:

“The Alibi.” Serial, hosted by Sarah Koenig, season 1, episode 1, WBEZ Chicago, 2014,

Handling Multiple Hosts

If a podcast has multiple hosts, list them in the order they appear on the podcast’s official site or in the order they are credited in the episode.

Citing Entire Series

When to Cite a Series

Cite an entire series when your reference pertains to the podcast as a whole rather than a specific episode.

Formatting for Series Citation

For a series citation:

Serial. Hosted by Sarah Koenig, WBEZ Chicago, 2014-2018,

Special Cases in Podcast Citations

Multiple Episodes from One Series

Consolidating Citations

When citing multiple episodes from the same series, you can consolidate the citations to avoid redundancy.

Examples for Clarity

For instance, if referencing several episodes from Serial’s first season, cite them as:

“The Alibi,” “The Breakup,” and “Leakin Park.” Serial, hosted by Sarah Koenig, WBEZ Chicago, 2014,

Podcasts with Multiple Formats

Audio vs. Video Podcasts

Podcasts may come in audio or video formats, each requiring slightly different citation details. For video podcasts, include the word “video” before the title.

Adjusting Citation for Format Differences

For a video podcast:

“Understanding AI.” Tech Talk, hosted by Jane Doe, video podcast, episode 10, Tech Media, 2020,

Practical Examples of MLA Podcast Citations

Sample Citations for Popular Podcasts

Examples from Various Genres

Consider different genres to illustrate the diversity of podcast content. For a history podcast:

“The Fall of Rome.” History Extra, hosted by Dan Snow, episode 5, BBC, 2019,

Analysis of Correct Formatting

Each example showcases proper formatting, highlighting the host, episode title, series title, publisher, and URL. These elements collectively create a comprehensive citation.

Tools and Resources for MLA Podcast Citations

Consider using WriterBuddy’s MLA Podcast Citation tool for reliable MLA podcast citations. It streamlines the process and ensures precision.


What essential information is needed to cite a podcast in MLA style?

You need the host’s name, episode title in quotation marks, series title in italics, publishing date, platform, and URL or DOI for online access.

How do I format the titles when citing a podcast in MLA style?

Italicize the series title and put the episode title in quotation marks to clearly distinguish between the series and individual episodes.

Can I use citation generators for MLA podcast citations?

Yes, tools like WriterBuddy can help generate accurate MLA podcast citations quickly, but always double-check for consistency and accuracy.

How should I cite multiple episodes from the same podcast series?

Consolidate the citations by listing the episode titles in quotation marks, followed by the series title in italics, host’s name, platform, and other required details.


MLA podcast citations include the host, episode title, podcast name, publisher, release date, and URL. Use the host’s name or podcast title for in-text citations. Create a full entry in your Works Cited list. Check current MLA guidelines for the most up-to-date rules.

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