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Free AI elevator pitch generator tool

A good elevator pitch gets your prospect’s attention which gets you a second conversation. It is a short description of who you are, what you do, and why an audience should choose to work with you. 

If you’re unsure how to develop an effective elevator pitch, use our elevator pitch generator to generate a goal-oriented pitch.

WriterBuddy uses artificial intelligence algorithms to craft elevator pitches.

The AI elevator pitch generator looks through popular pitches and aggregates key phrases based on your description in the Business Idea/Core Message section. The generator’s design shortens the pitch while highlighting essential points.

AI Generated elevator pitch'

Tips for a good elevator pitch

A good elevator pitch should introduce you and what you do in a concise and personal manner. It should also explain the audience’s problem and your solution and have a call to action. 

1. Keep your elevator pitch concise

Your pitch should be comprehensive, but you don’t want to take up too much time or bore your audience. The term “elevator” implies your pitch should last as long as a ride in an elevator. So keep it under 60 seconds or 150 words. 

Look at Google’s elevator pitch.

Google's elevator pitch
Source: Google

Our elevator pitch generator produces concise pitches that are succinct and engaging. 

2. Personalize your elevator pitch

The language you use in your pitch could hook or lose your audience. Use personal pronouns like “my” and “your” to humanize your pitch and connect with your audience. 

Chargify's personal elevator pitch
Source: Chargify

Be bold and ask questions about your audience’s needs and wants. If they can tell that you are truly interested in what they have to say and understand their pain points, they will be more interested in your product. 

3. Explain a problem and a solution

Your elevator pitch should specify your audience’s problem and how you will solve it. You need to describe how you’re a better-suited solution than your competitors.

So outline the main points of what makes your product unique and explain how it solves an existing problem. Feeding these points to our elevator pitch generator will automatically highlight them in your pitch. Avoid jargon and industry buzzwords that your audience may not understand.

Elevator pitch example - WriterBuddy elevator pitch generator

4. Keep it positive

Negativity can easily lead to lower conversions. So talk about what you can do instead of what you cannot. And avoid using the word “no” and its variations. 

Spotify elevator pitch - generator
Source: Best Pitch Deck

5. Include a call to action

A call to action (CTA) will direct your audience to act by registering, calling, or mailing you. 

For example, the phrase “contact us” shows the audience what to do now that they are interested in your idea. Make sure you mention your CTA in our generator’s Business Idea/Core Message section. The elevator pitch generator will automatically add it to your CTA.

Elevator pitch example - WriterBuddy elevator pitch generator
Source: WriterBuddy

Generate your pitch in seconds with our elevator pitch generator

This free, easy-to-use elevator pitch generator allows you to generate up to 10 elevator pitches in less than 5 seconds. And with support for over 20 languages, you can create the perfect pitch no matter where you are.

So try it now and see how fast and simple crafting an elevator pitch can be. 

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