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How to use a LinkedIn headline generator

A LinkedIn headline is your one-line resume that explains what you bring to the table. It could be the reason why someone stops scrolling past your name to check out your profile. It could be the beginning of a rewarding relationship.

When you lack the right words to convey why people should care about you, turn to our AI-powered LinkedIn headline generator.

WriterBuddy’s LinkedIn headline generator will summarize information about you into a captivating and informative headline that makes the right impression on your target audience.  

AI autogenerated LinkedIn headline - WriterBuddy Headline Generator
An Autogenerated LinkedIn Headline – via WriterBuddy

Step 1: Enter detailed information on what your LinkedIn profile represents

On our LinkedIn Headline Generator page, there are three fields you need to fill out – what you do, language, and output

What you do 

In this field, write your job title, how you help people, achievements, and other noteworthy things about your career. You can copy the information you have on your LinkedIn’s About section. 

Describing what you do on AI LinkedIn Headline Generator

Ensure you use keywords your target audience uses when looking for someone like you — for example, a talent acquisition specialist. We’ve covered more about keywords under “What makes a great LinkedIn headline” below.

You also want to mention achievements relevant to your goal of creating your LinkedIn profile. For example, you’ll mention your business achievements if you want to connect with business owners. And if you want to connect with recruiters, you’ll focus on your career achievements.  

The more information you give the LinkedIn headline generator tool, the better.  It provides the AI with more content to work with, which will produce near-perfect LinkedIn headlines. 


Our LinkedIn headline generator allows you to choose the language you want for your headline. 

With over 20+ language selections, you don’t need to worry if your target language is not your first language.

Language options on LinkedIn Headline Generator


In the Output section, select the number of LinkedIn Headlines you would like the generator to give you.

The default number on the AI tool is three, which you can decrease or increase. Our LinkedIn headline generator gives you up to 10 outputs which are more than enough. 

Generate LinkedIn headline button

Finally, review the information you provided in the three sections to ensure everything is correct.

Next, click “Generate LinkedIn Headline” and give the AI tool a few seconds to work its magic.

Step 2: Go through LinkedIn headlines

The AI LinkedIn headline generator will produce properly formatted and optimized LinkedIn headlines.

For example, Social Media Strategist | Content Writing | SEO | 4 Years of Broadcast Journalism Experience | Building Brand Awareness

Autogenerated LinkedIn Headline by WriterBuddy

If you still need more variations of the headline, click on “Generate LinkedIn Headline” again to generate other results. 

The new outputs will appear on top of the previous results. 

Step 3: Save your preferred LinkedIn headline under favorites

If you have a few ideas you like and are still trying to decide which one to use, save them under favorites. 

Click on the star icon on the top right of your headline and ensure it turns yellow

Your headline will appear on the favorites tab, which you can use later.

Favorite tab on LinkedIn Headline Generator- Via WriterBuddy

To remove a headline from your favorite, you will click on the same star and ensure it’s transparent.

Step 4: Use the headline on your LinkedIn profile

Copy the autogenerated LinkedIn headline of your choice by clicking on the double square image next to the star icon. 

After copying, paste it on your LinkedIn headline section in the app. 

Examples of great LinkedIn headlines to inspire you

What value do you offer?

A common LinkedIn headline format is where you tell people what you offer. Think about how you help people. Ensure the headline is specific and tangible. For example, “I help Jobseekers write ATS Compliant CVs, Cover Letters and Optimize their LinkedIn profiles.

Sample LinkedIn headline
Source: LinkedIn

Job role in your company

If you work for a well-known company, you can write your role at the company – for example, Chairman & CEO of US Equity Holdings. This method also works well if you’re an authority figure in your field.

Sample LinkedIn Headline
Source: LinkedIn

If you don’t have a job now, use previous experience, especially if the company is well-known. For example, Ex-Chairman & CEO of US Equity Holdings. 

Sample LinkedIn Headline
Source: LinkedIn

Achievement headline

Another way to create a great headline is to show your achievements. Show the exact figures of your results. This approach works well since you prove your credibility.

For example, “Half billion views. Forbes Top 12 Innovators. Author of The LinkedIn Bible.

Sample LinkedIn Headline
Source: LinkedIn

Why is a LinkedIn headline important?

LinkedIn has over 850 million members. With so many people competing for visibility, it is crucial to have an engaging headline that captures attention. If you’re looking for job opportunities, a LinkedIn headline shows recruiters why they should give you a chance at a glance. 

In a past LinkedIn poll, 46% of LinkedIn Prospects said they place more importance on the headline than the experience section. 

Furthermore, prospects can only see your name and the headline while browsing through LinkedIn search results. It gives the first impression to recruiters and could be a pivotal marketing tool for your services. 

What makes a great LinkedIn headline? (how to optimize yours)

Great LinkedIn headlines are simple and clear, with relevant keywords, unique selling points, and a list of achievements. They can also be fun and casual or have a question with a solution.  

Use relevant keywords

Without keywords, people outside your network cannot discover you. LinkedIn uses search terms/keywords that recruiters type to find the best results. 

If your headline has the keywords that the recruiter types in, your profile will appear on the search results. Choose keywords that you expect prospects to use when looking for services. 

Sample LinkedIn headline
Source: LinkedIn

For instance, Maria includes her role as a Marketing and Sales Manager and other keywords related to her job on the headline. These include email marketing, customer marketing, and social media marketing. 

Our LinkedIn Headline Generator will help you with this. All you need to do is use keywords relevant to your niche when describing what you do. 

Ensure that you also use variations of the main keywords. For example, a marketing and sales manager would add keywords such as event marketing, customer marketing, marketing analysis, content marketing, etc. 

You can also specify your niche and add what recruiters are looking for. For example, for the marketing and sales manager, you can add marketing planning and strategy budgeting, demand generation, or your specific areas of expertise. 

Using Keywords on LinkedIn Headline Generator- Via WriterBuddy

Mind that you don’t overuse keywords. Instead, focus on your role and how you help people. You can always optimize your LinkedIn profile on other sections like “About” and “Experience.” 

Share what makes you unique 

What is your unique selling point? State essential information that sets you apart from your competitors.

If you need more clarification, look at the past positive feedback you have received from clients. Also, look for inspiration from other professionals in your field. Consider how they set themselves apart from competitors. 

Here’s a detailed guide to identifying your unique selling proposition.

Use simple, clear, and concise language

Jargon doesn’t make you stand out. It only makes it hard for recruiters to understand what you do and continue scrolling. You don’t need to use “account growth specialist” when you can say “sales manager or associate.” Using simple or industry-known terms for job roles makes it easy for recruiters to find you. 

Look at Lori’s headline below. 

It has simple and concise terms making it easy for recruiters looking for a real estate investor to find her. 

Simple and Concise LinkedIn headline
Source: LinkedIn

When feeding information about yourself to our AI tool, ensure that you use simple language relevant to your brand. The AI will generate headlines depending on what you provide. 

List achievements without bragging 

Recruiters care about tangible results and what you can do for them. So instead of using words like expert or high-performing, state actual results. 

Look at How Greg lists his accomplishments. He is a two-time LinkedIn Top Voice in 2021 for Tech & Innovation and 2020 for Data Science & AI.

LinkedIn headline with achievements
Source: LinkedIn

Be fun and casual

LinkedIn is a professional network, but it doesn’t mean you can’t add a touch of humor to your headline. Showcase your personality and keep it work-appropriate. Your jokes can help you make connections. You can also add an emoji to add color and make it better. 

Fun and casual LinkedIn headline
Source: LinkedIn

Houston does this by saying, “My kids say I’m hilarious,” making a recruiter want to start a conversation with him, even with his significant accomplishments.  

Ask a question and provide a solution

Another excellent headline idea is asking a question and then providing a solution. It is like a Call To Action to make recruiters click and see your profile. You can use the following formulas.

  • Looking for “X”
  • Want to achieve “X.”
  • Are you tired of “X”

You can then provide a solution and invite someone to contact you. 

For example: Have an upcoming event and don’t know where to start? I plan small and large events| Conference & Event Organizer| Meeting Planner

FAQS – LinkedIn headline generator

What is a LinkedIn headline?

A LinkedIn headline is the text field that appears directly below your name on your profile page. It describes who you are and what you have to offer in a few words. 

A compelling LinkedIn headline serves as a branding statement, capturing people’s attention and enticing them to click through to your profile. 

Where does the LinkedIn headline appear on LinkedIn?

The LinkedIn headline appears on your profile page, just below your name and professional headline. It summarizes who you are and what you do, so it’s essential to ensure it accurately reflects where you are in your professional career.

Are special characters allowed in a LinkedIn headline?

You can add special characters such as emojis, symbols, and colors. They can be a great way to distinguish yourself from competitors but use them sparingly.

How many characters can a LinkedIn headline have?

The LinkedIn headline character limit is 220 for desktops and 240 for phones. You don’t have to complete the character limit. Only write enough words to grab a recruiter’s attention. 

Our LinkedIn Headline Generator can generate 120 characters – just enough space to concisely and effectively capture your professional expertise.

How often should you update your headline?

It depends on the nature of your business and industry, but updating your LinkedIn headline every year or two would be beneficial to keep it fresh and relevant. 

You can also use changing events or seasons to create a new headline. But always remember to ensure your headline accurately reflects who you are and what you do!

What is a LinkedIn headline generator?

A LinkedIn headline generator is an AI-powered tool that can create catchy, descriptive, and SEO-friendly headlines for your profile. It considers the contents of the information you give it, such as your job title, education level, and other essential keywords, to generate relevant LinkedIn headlines. 

It helps you craft attention-grabbing titles to draw more traffic to your profile with minimal effort.

Why use WriterBuddy’s LinkedIn headline generator?

WriterBuddy’s LinkedIn headline generator is an excellent AI tool for creating unique and attention-grabbing headlines for your profile. 

Very easy to use

With an easy-to-use interface, the LinkedIn headline generator automatically provides suggestions for headlines that capture the essence of your work in the most effective way possible. 

Generate your LinkedIn headline in three steps

You only need to write what you know about yourself, choose an output language, and the number of headline variations.

Leverage the power of AI

Our LinkedIn headline generator will use intuitive algorithms to generate headlines tailored to your profile and career information. It knows how to pick keywords related to your expertise, job title, education, and experience. 

Save your time!

You don’t need to keep looking for the right words to express yourself. Spit out whatever you’re thinking in the “what do you do” section and let our AI LinkedIn headline generator create headlines in seconds.

Update your headline with a LinkedIn headline generator

When you’re unsure what to write or leave out of your LinkedIn headline, let an AI tool think and write for you.

Our LinkedIn headline generator helps you create an attention-grabbing headline that leaves a lasting impression and generates worthwhile connections. All that in three simple steps.

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