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An attention-grabbing slogan can entice potential clients, be a statement piece for your brand, and even tell your brand story. When people need help creating the perfect slogan, they turn to AI slogan generators for ideas. 

Our AI-powered Slogan Generator will produce memorable taglines in seconds, and all you have to do is describe your business or product.

AI-generated slogan via WriterBuddy slogan generator
AI-generated slogan via WriterBuddy slogan generator

How to use our slogan generator

Step 1: Key in your business or product name

Enter your business or product name in the text box under “What is your business/product name.”

Slogan Generator Product Name Textbox

If you’re creating a slogan for your business, then enter your business name, and vice versa for a product slogan. You may also use the product name if you want your business slogan to be about a product.

Our AI slogan generator tool will use that (and the information you add below) to create a suitable slogan.

Step 2: Describe your business/product

In about a thousand characters, describe your business or product in the textbox under “Describe your business/product.” 

ProductBusiness Description Text Box on the slogan generator

Be precise on what it entails because it provides keywords that the tagline generator will use to develop catchy and natural slogans for your business.

It may include information like:

  • a description of your product, service, or business 
  • the specific challenge that you solve for your market 
  • what sets you apart from the competitors 
  • the results that people get after using your product or service
  • how does using your product or service make your customers feel
  • how long you’ve been in the game 
  • your company mission or core values 

Such varied details will give the slogan generator the necessary information to create a captivating slogan that reflects your brand.

Make sure that you proofread the description so that you feed the tagline generator the most accurate information. 

With the 1000-character limit, focus on the keywords that truly describe your product or service. Forgo general information (that could apply to any of your competitors) and avoid vague terms (e.g., instead of writing that your product is the best in the market, write about the features that make your product the best in the market).

Step 3: Choose your preferred language

Under “Language,” select your preferred language for the autogenerated slogans. 

Our AI slogan generator offers more than twenty languages to choose from.

WritterBuddy Slogan Generator Language picker

Step 4: Choose the number of taglines you want to see

Select Output Number in the Slogan Generator

Our slogan generator gives you different variations so that you can select the one that speaks to your audience best. Under “Output,” you can choose up to 10 slogans. 

Three to six slogan outputs will give you enough taglines to pick from or build upon. To increase the number of outputs, click on the “+” sign, and if you wish to decrease the number, click on the “” sign. You can also type the number directly.

After selecting, go ahead and click “Generate Slogan.” Take a deep breath and watch the Slogan Generator work its magic in seconds.

Step 5: Review the AI-generated slogans and pick your favorite

The AI slogan generator tool will display the slogans on the “Output” panel on the right side of your screen. Go over the taglines and choose the one that speaks to your audience best.

sample autogenerated slogans

You can instantly copy your desired slogan to your clipboard by clicking on the copy icon (two combined boxes) next to the star icon. You’ll then use the slogan as is, edit it, or combine two good candidates to create the perfect tagline.

You can also mark multiple slogans as favorites by clicking on the “star” icons on each slogan’s top right. You can easily access these slogans in the future from the Favorites tab.

What are some popular slogans?

The most famous slogans have proved themselves time and again to be more than marketing messages; they’ve become statements that consumers identify with.

Nike’s “Just Do It”

Nike’s tagline is arguably one of the most iconic slogans. The company’s first target audience was athletes, so Nike created a tagline that motivates them. It is simple and timeless. The company uses this slogan throughout its clothing, packaging, and adverts, further cementing the brand’s image as one that supports its market’s active and daring lifestyle.

Burger King’s “Have It Your Way”

Don’t we all love freedom? This clever, customer-centric slogan gives the illusion of choice, thus inviting the consumers. And it pulls in the customer by having the “your” pronoun. Burger King is suggesting that – it’s not about us; it’s about you.

Bounty’s The Quicker Picker Upper

Here, Bounty, the famous paper towel company, is seen to utilize rhyme and wordplay to nail its slogan. 

“Quicker picker-upper” is a catchy and clever little phrase that tells the reader how Bounty is better than the competitors; it’s “quicker.” Bounty also includes its product’s value “picker-upper” since the towels essentially pick up messes. Get it?

Disneyland’s “The Happiest Place On Earth”

The happiest place on earth is a bold statement, but Disneyland was targeting little kids when it began using this slogan in the early days.

This tagline invokes joy, and though it may seem like an exaggeration, it sure does pull in the targeted kids since they had an average of 51,000 people visit the theme parks daily before the 2020 pandemic.

How do you write a catchy slogan?

Use one that fits in with your logo

In most cases, your slogan will accompany your logo, so it is important to compare how and if it fits alongside it. In that case, you can use keywords that describe your logo when describing your product.

A good example of this is KFC’s “It’s Finger-Lickin’ Good.” The tagline matches perfectly with the animated photo of a smiling Colonel Sanders.

Be clear about your offering

Creativity is always welcome, but mind that you don’t confuse your market by being vague. You need to make your offering clear to your target market. 

So when describing your product on the AI generator, prioritize keywords that describe what your offering does or how it makes the consumers feel.

Consider using rhyme in your slogan

Rhyming words are words that end with the same sound. For example, reusable and reliable

Rhyming words are not only memorable, but they could also sound more trustworthy and believable. Besides, a great slogan should be easy to read and say out loud. 

Consider these two examples, “Do you… Yahoo?” and Pringles’ “Once you pop, you can’t stop.”

Our AI slogan generator is quite good at creating slogans with rhyming words. 

AI generated Rhyme in slogan

You may prioritize the slogans that rhyme in your results on WriterBuddy’s Slogan Generator.

Test different slogans

If you generated a couple of favorite taglines, throw them out there to see which one resonates with your audience best. 

You can use two slogans in separate ad campaigns to see which works better. You can also share a newsletter or social media poll seeking feedback about your new slogan. You may also seek employee, investor, friend, and family feedback.

Slogan generator FAQs

What is a slogan, and which one suits my business?

A slogan or tagline is a short and striking phrase relating to a certain brand or business. It is a phrase that feels natural to you and your customers. It could show what your product/service helps your audience achieve, the problem it solves, your company culture, and more.

How does the slogan generator work?

WriterBuddy’s slogan generator uses natural language processing algorithms to generate witty and engaging slogans for a brand, business, or advert. It analyzes information such as product or business name, product features, product uses/benefits, and much more.

How much does the slogan generator cost?

WriterBuddy’s slogan generator is free to use.

Use WriterBuddy Slogan Generator to create catchy slogans in seconds!

WtitterBuddy Slogan Generator is fast and easy to use. It has an inviting interface that lets you arrive at a desired slogan for your business in three intuitive steps.

With features like the “History” and “Favorites” tabs, you can always retrieve previous slogans instead of spending more credits.

If you want to save time or generate several taglines for a brainstorming session, this AI tool will help.

Even when you don’t find the perfect slogan, you’ll get ideas that inspire your slogan.

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